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Much of the work we do at the Asian Association of Utah is behind the scenes with new refugees (secondary resettlement) from Afghanistan. We know it is not about us and we do not seek headlines in the newspapers. The heroes of the stories are the new Americans and their drive to find a new home and thrive. Recently, KSL here in Salt Lake City featured a few of our clients and how they are beginning to make an impact here.

“I am not here to command anyone on how to raise their kids…the keyword is collaboration. Many of my students hold strong opinions about sensitive topics such as corporal punishment, that may be in contrast to the Western cultural milieu. But by giving these parents and guardians new tools and perspectives on how to communicate with their children despite generational and language barriers, they can come to their own evidence-based conclusions about what works and what doesn’t.”

Human Trafficking is surprising more rampant in Utah than most people know. Watch our Director of Human Trafficking Support, Andrea Sherman, on ABC4 share more. The interview is from 10/31/2023.

We are grateful for the many volunteers who came out to pickup trash, pull weeds, and clean up graffiti at our Human Trafficking Support drop-in center on Saturday, October 21, 2023. Such an improvement! Thank you!

The Human Trafficking Support team of the Asian Association of Utah was featured on ABC4's Good Things Utah recently. Learn more about how we help trafficking survivors from their interview here.

AAU has been a leader in human trafficking support services since 2010. Our Human Trafficking Support (HTS) is Utah’s largest, most comprehensive, and only federally funded human trafficking victim service provider.

Asian Association of Utah Names New Clinic Director
As the need for trauma-informed behavioral health services increases, AAU promotes veteran therapist as next Clinic Director to replace outgoing Andy Tran.

In addition to the amazing wrap around social services the Asian Association of Utah provides to refugees and human trafficking survivors in Utah, we also host an annual Asian Festival which attracts tens of thousands of people.