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Our Approach

Our Services

  • Victim-Centered Holistic Case Management
  • Wraparound Victim Assistance

    the following services delivered through a combination of in-house programs and collaborating partners:

    • Basic Needs Assistance
    • Housing Assistance
    • Mental Health Support
    • Medical and Dental
    • Employment
    • Education
    • Culturally responsive/ linguistically appropriate services
    • Safety Planning
    • Legal Advocacy
    • Victim Advocacy
    • Immigration Assistance
    • Substance Abuse Treatment
    • Life Skills
    • Peer-to-Peer Support
    • Family Reunification and support services
    • Transportation Assistance
    • Connection to Community
  • Outreach
    • Weekly Drop-In Center

      • Mobile Medical Care
      • Food
      • Hygiene
      • Clothing
      • Needle Exchange
      • Housing
    • Strategic Outreach Partners
  • Education

    Human trafficking awareness trainings

  • Survivor Leadership Programming
  • Partnership development/expansion
  • Lead Victim Service Partner of the Utah Trafficking In Persons Task Force

Our Impact

We continue to remain a source of stability and support for victims of human trafficking across Utah. Some of our 2020 successes include:

  • Brought $1.13 million of grant funding to Utah focused on serving trafficking survivors through federal, state and private grants.
  • Served 144 primary survivors of human trafficking + 50 secondary survivors/dependents
  • Provided a pathway to safe, affordable housing for 70 trafficking survivors
  • Developed a master lease contract, the first of its kind in Utah, with Salt Lake City Housing Authority to set aside 3 housing units (space for up to 9 survivors) specifically for trafficking survivors.
  • Trained over 4187 community members in human trafficking awareness
  • 80+ new collaborative partners, 25+ new/renewed formalized MOUs
  • Provided support services to 25 unduplicated women monthly through drop-in center (outside of temporary closure during COVID lockdown).
  • Co-Hosted a statewide Human Trafficking conference with 300+ attendees
  • Co-Facilitated the Utah Trafficking In Persons Task Force with the Utah Attorney General’s Office