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Celebrating Asian Culture, Empowering Communities

Celebrate 47 years of combined Utah Asian communities gathering at the Utah Asian Festival by donating to engage, equip, and empower refugees, refugee youth, and survivors of human trafficking.

How To Help


Did you know? Proceeds from the Utah Asian Festival supports AAU's dedicated efforts to provide vital social services to new refugees, refugee youth, and human trafficking victims. Since AAU's founding in 1977, we have made a significant impact on tens of thousands of refugees, refugee youth, and human trafficking victims from over 100 countries. Your donation directly helps support our efforts and is tax-deductible.



  • Refugees and refugee youth face huge barriers when they arrive to Utah. Our linguistically sensitive and trauma-informed wrap around services are delivered by specialized staff who journey with each person and family to help engage, equip, and empower them to become self-sufficient and thrive.