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Meeting the Needs of the Increasing Number of Labor Trafficking Victims in Utah

Labor Trafficking Victims

In greater Salt Lake City, two larger arrests of labor trafficking operations have made the news (Rubicon Contracting LLC, Green Acres Dairy) recently. In each case, the Asian Association of Utah's (AAU) Human Trafficking Support team has been engaged to assist the victims. Our trauma-informed Case Managers meet with each person to understand their individual needs and goals and then journeys with each individual to develop a survivor-driven plan. 

Usually the urgent need with human trafficking victims is getting the victim into safe housing as most labor trafficking victims have been living in employer provided housing. 

How can the community help? Funding to pay for temporary housing immediately after the operation is our greatest need. Often, a large number of victims will need housing at the same time. This is an area where the community can rally around the victims by donating to AAU so we can provide safe housing while our Case Managers work with each individual to work out their survivor plans.

Help us with housing trafficking victims today:  DONATE NOW

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More details about our Human Trafficking Support can be found HERE.