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AAU welcomes our newest therapist, Kamala Ganesh!

We are excited to announce that Kamala Ganesh, LCSW, has joined AAU’s Behavioral Health team as a therapist. Kamala graduated from West High School in Salt Lake City, attended the University of Virginia for undergrad before returning to Utah completing her Master’s Degree from the University of Utah in 2020.

Kamala has hit the ground running and is helping AAU expand our therapy to refugee youth. Therapy in this space is more complex than with non-refugee youth as Kamala navigates translation to include the family with cultural humility and sensitivity as the youth is navigating adjustment to school in America and learning English. Often, Kamala serves as a ‘cultural broker’ helping work with the English learner youth’s family and school to help them diagnose learning challenges together.

One approach we find that works well in these situations is using a strengths-based approach and narrative therapy. “When you are sitting here in Utah, what advice would you give to families still in refugee camps to help prepare them for the emotional endurance needed to adjust to being a refugee?” This question often helps the refugee or refugee youth clarify meaning out of what they have experienced.

Kamala admits she has a huge sweet tooth and can be tempted by Nielsen’s Frozen Custard too often. She and her husband enjoy reservoir kayaking with their 7-year old lab. Welcome Kamala!