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Volunteer Event a Huge Success

AAU journeys with refugees and human trafficking victims to help them improve and become self-sufficient. Most of the refugees and human trafficking victims need immediate shelter and supplies to establish their home. Having a clean, organized, and efficient facility at AAU to receive and provide these supplies is critical.

Thanks to this great team of volunteers, we made incredible progress to that goal. After sweeping out all the dust and hauling the trash to the dumpster we were able to lay out some pallets for the hygiene and food supplies. In addition, we separated large blankets, baby blankets, toys, socks, and underwear into large black bags that are easier to manage. Lastly, we managed all our in-kind donations that we had stored on the second floor of the building by tossing all the trash, folding the clothes, and separating it all into bins. 

Thank you again!