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Anthony Paco, Program Coordinator, Selected for Harriet Tubman Fellowship

The Asian Association of Utah (AAU) is thrilled to congratulate Anthony Paco on being selected as a Harriet Tubman Fellow! The Harriet Tubman Fellowship supports survivor-leaders like Anthony who are dedicated to combating human trafficking and empowering survivors.

As the Program Coordinator at AAU's Human Trafficking Support Program, Anthony works tirelessly to provide services and support to labor trafficking survivors in our community. Anthony is also a member of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Survivor Advisory Board for Trafficking Victim Assistance Program (TVAP) and the Aspire: Child Trafficking Victim Assistance Program, lending his invaluable perspective to national anti-trafficking efforts. He works closely with foreign nationals and T-visa seekers, providing them comfort through the challenges of living in a foreign country and helping them find resources in the community to achieve their goals. Anthony's ultimate dream is to establish a shelter specifically for male survivors of human trafficking – a much-needed resource.

The prestigious two-year Harriet Tubman Fellowship will provide Anthony with invaluable leadership training, professional development opportunities, and funding to further his education. We are immensely proud that Anthony's determination and vision have been recognized through this highly competitive national fellowship.

We have no doubt that this fellowship will equip Anthony with the skills to increase survivors' influence in the anti-trafficking movement. AAU enthusiastically supports Anthony in this journey, and we cannot wait to see how his efforts will create more empowerment and healing for trafficking survivors.

Please join us in congratulating Anthony Paco on this incredible achievement! His passion and leadership are an inspiration.