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Refugee & Immigrant Center

Refugee and Immigrant Center


The Refugee and Immigrant Center at Asian Association of Utah assists individuals and families achieve outcomes of substantive improvement, self-sufficiency, and thriving. Our linguistically sensitive and trauma-informed service is delivered by specialized staff who journey with each individual and family as they transition to life in Utah. Our specialized teams will work to ensure our clients are connected to all appropriate services through a holistic approach to services. Please click on the links to our individuals teams to learn more.

Latest News & Updates

It is out of compassion and gratitude that the local Asian community in Salt Lake City has been helping refugees, refugee youth, and human trafficking victims through the extensive social service arm of the Asian Association of Utah. In addition, we host an annual Utah Asian Festival each year to celebrate the diverse Asian cultures in Utah. The 47th Utah Asian Festival is Saturday, June 8th. This video was created to share more about it as we launch a Virtual Fundraising Campaign for AAU.

One of the largest barriers for refugees when then arrive to the United States is language. Without good English language skills, it is hard to acclimate and find jobs that can lead to self-sufficiency and thriving.  AAU’s English Language classes are designed to help refugees like Eidullah, a recent refugee from Afghanistan. Read more about his story below.

Asian Association of Utah’s Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.) class teaches modern child-rearing techniques to Utah’s refugee communities in an individually tailored, culturally-sensitive and success oriented setting. Parents will learn how to foster a better relationship with their children through effective communication despite generational and language barriers.