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Refugee & Immigrant Center

Refugee and Immigrant Center


The Refugee and Immigrant Center at Asian Association of Utah assists individuals and families achieve outcomes of substantive improvement, self-sufficiency, and thriving. Our linguistically sensitive and trauma-informed service is delivered by specialized staff who journey with each individual and family as they transition to life in Utah. Our specialized teams will work to ensure our clients are connected to all appropriate services through a holistic approach to services. Please click on the links to our individuals teams to learn more.

Afghan Refugee Learns English at AAU to Improve His Life

Before the departure of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Eidullah was an excellent student accepted to a top journalism program in Afghanistan. His father worked for U.S. security forces in Kabul for over 18 years. But instead of going off to college, he found himself in the belly of a military plane with his father, escaping the Taliban and en route to a new life in the United States in Utah.

He joined English class at the Asian Association of Utah in January of 2022. At that time, because of his limited English, he was working the night shift as a package handler at Federal Express. He knew that improving his English was the key to a better life. His resilience and determination were evident as he spent the next 8 months coming to the morning class in spite of his grueling work hours, 8pm – 4am.

As a class member he built lasting relationships with the other students by offering kindness and encouragement with his unfailing positive attitude, and with his teacher by frequent updates about his new endeavors. He proved to be a quick and diligent learner, having achieved the English proficiency needed to take a full-time job as a supervisor at refugee donation center, increasing both his responsibilities and salary.

Continuing to challenge himself while also giving back to his community, he is now applying to the University of Utah’s Case Management Certification Program. He is dedicated to helping not only his fellow Afghans but all newly arrived refugees to integrate successfully and lead full lives. And he still aspires to a college degree in the future. We wish him every success!