One of the most valuable resources community members can give in support of those we serve is their time. Please join us in a life-changing opportunity to learn, serve, and give to those in the most need.


Volunteers committed
last year


Volunteer hours given each month on average


Saved each month through volunteer efforts


English Class Assistant:

Assist refugees and immigrants learning English as they acclimate to their new home

ESL Childcare Support:

Support refugees learning English by caring for their children while they take ESL classes

Refugee Family Mentor:

Mentor a refugee family as the adjust to life in Utah

Refugee Youth After-School Volunteer:

Support our after-school programs serving youth from 8-17 with homework and other pro-social activities

Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Center Volunteer

Support victims of trafficking by assisting our Trafficking In Persons department

Administrative Support:

Help keep our agency running by supporting administrative staff in a variety of ways at our downtown location


Annette – Volunteer Mentor Program Coordinator

Starting out as a mentor herself, Annette has now been volunteering to run the RIC-AAU Refugee Mentoring program for over a year. Annette works closely with agency case managers to match refugee families with families from the local community. These matches are a powerful way to learn from one another and uplift each other. Many mentors learn just as much from their match family as the families learn from them. Annette is currently supporting over 90 matches for RIC-AAU.

Stephanie – ESL Program Volunteer

Stephanie has been a volunteer in RIC-AAU’s ESL program for over a year. She assists the Level 1 ESL classes and has recruited friends and family to volunteer as well. She sponsored a movie field trip for ESL students and recently earned her TESOL certification to help teach. This year, she was recognized as the Exemplary Partner of the Year. Thank you, Stephanie!


Alejandra Hernandez

Volunteer Coordinator