Youth and Family Services

To support refugee and immigrant youth and their families as they transition to life in the United States, RIC-AAU provides parenting classes, afterschool programs, leadership development, and youth case management. Our programs focus on the unique challenges refugee and immigrant families’ face in building strong, healthy families. 

Why Youth and Family?

Refugee and immigrant youth often have a hard time adjusting to American schools and society due to differences in culture, background of trauma and loss, and lack of experience with the new social environment. The majority of the refugee youth we serve face a large educational gap, which is very difficult to bridge. To add to this, parents—who traditionally support, guide, and provide discipline for their children—are going through the same transitional process as their children. Parents themselves are learning a new language, seeking stable employment, and trying to learn American culture. Strain on families can lead to behavioral problems, academic failure, and inappropriate or ineffective parenting techniques.

Our Program

Our youth and family programs are designed to improve academic performance, build social skills, foster leadership, and equip parents with tools for healthy families.

RIC-AAU has afterschool programs in targeted areas: Evergreen Junior High (middle schoolers), Glendale Junior High (for middle schoolers), Sunnyvale Neighborhood Center (for elementary, middle, and high schoolers), and a Leaders and Counselors in Training (LCIT) program for middle and high school youth throughout the valley who are selected through an application process.

Our program also offers intensive case management for youth ages 11-17 who are at risk for dropping out or becoming involved in the criminal justice system. By working closely with schools and other community partners, we develop plans and find resources to get students back on track for success in school and life.

To support parents and improve family relationships, we provide parenting classes using two evidence-based programs. DARE To Be You, for families with young children, brings parents and children together to learn about healthy parenting skills and family relationships. Parenting Wisely, for parents of adolescents, strengthens families through effective parenting skills, development of parent confidence, and family trust.  

Program Contact

Peter Frost, 
Youth & Family Services Supervisor

Phone: (801) 412-0578

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