Interpreting and Translation

RIC-AAU provides medical, educational, occupational, and court interpretation or translation services to clients, organizations, and private individuals in need of language support. We schedule around 1,000 appointments each month, with over 40 languages and dialects.

Why Interpreting and Translation?

One of the most difficult barriers refugees and immigrants face when attempting to access simple services is English language limitations. In order to ensure non-English speakers are able to utilize important resources—like medical care, legal help, housing, or mental health support—having trained interpreters who speak their native language can make all the difference.  Because the refugees and immigrants coming to Utah are from around the world, many speak languages that are less common, and so finding an in-person interpreter can be difficult.  

Our Program

Recognizing the importance of refugees and immigrants being able to access services and help in their own languages, RIC-AAU’s Interpreting and Translation program has a team of trained, professional interpreters who speak over 40 languages and dialects. These languages and dialects represent common languages, as well as less common languages found among Utah’s refugee population. Interpreting and translation services are available for medical appointments, medical emergencies, pharmacy assistance, school appointments, court appointments, employment, housing, social services, and other needs. Services can be provided on-site or by phone.  Our translation services offer the capability to translate many types of documents.

  • Interpreters adhere to RIC-AAU’s strict confidentiality policy and HIPAA regulations.
  • Interpreters complete the nationally-recognized ‘Bridging the Gap’ medical interpreter training.  In order to preserve the voice of our clients, we provide word for word interpreting services.

If you would like to request interpreting or translation services, please contact us at (801) 990-9500 or by email at .

If you are interested in joining our Interpreting and Translation team, please visit our Work With Us page to apply.

Program Contact

Tung Tran
Interpreting & Translation Supervisor

Phone: (801) 990-9498



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