Community Wellness

Community Wellness provides a wide range of counseling and support services to refugees, immigrants, and other community members.  We currently serve over 600 people with affordable, culturally responsive services.

Why Community Wellness?

Approximately one in four adult Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year. Within refugee and traumatized populations, the rate is up to more than one in two, ranging from adjustment disorders to post-traumatic stress disorder to serious mental illness.  Research and practice experience also tells us that refugees experiencing mental health disorders have higher risk of substance abuse.  In families with tendencies toward spousal abuse, the stress can exacerbate existing family dysfunction, creating danger for victims and abusers alike.  Psychosocial, mental, and emotional wellbeing are key to stability and successful integration.

Our Program

RIC-AAU offers affordable, culturally-sensitive and language-specific counseling services for immigrants, refugees, and other community members. Services are open to all residents of the Salt Lake County. We are licensed by Utah Department of Human Services to provide outpatient services in substance abuse, domestic violence and general mental health programs.

The Community Wellness team uses evidence-based therapeutic approaches tailored to fit each client’s unique needs.  Our mental health services address adjustment disorders and depression, up to more severe and chronic mental illness, using individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, case management, and medication management where appropriate.  Our domestic violence program includes counseling for survivors of domestic violence and perpetrating family members, in response to the cultural and individual factors surrounding abuse.  Our substance abuse program is an outpatient treatment program which includes individual and group counseling, with regular drug tests to encourage and monitor change.

By helping refugees, immigrants and community members get the care they need, we provide opportunities for individuals and families to build on their strengths and become integrated members of our local community; ensuring that our clients can bring diversity, cultural richness and resilience to our neighborhoods.

Funded by Salt Lake County

SLCo Behavioral Health Services

Program Contact

Angela Ying
Mental Health Coordinator

Phone: (801) 990-2314

Refugee & Immigrant Center - Asian Association of Utah
155 South 300 West, Suite 101, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84101
Tel: 801-467-6060 | Email:  | Contact Us

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm

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